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Power adapter - AC 100-240 V - 75 Watt - black - for Dynabook Toshiba Satellite Pro L300, P300, S300; Satellite L300, L350


Price: $45.00

MSRP: $40.81
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Main Specifications
Product Description Toshiba - power adapter - 75 Watt
Device Type Power adapter - external
Input Voltage AC 100-240 V
Output Voltage 19 V
Power Capacity 75 Watt
Color Black
Designed For Dynabook Toshiba Portégé M400 3G-12, M800, R400, R500; Toshiba Satellite Pro A100, L100, L300, M40, M70, P200, P300, S300, U300, U400; Toshiba Tecra A8, A9, M5, M9, S5; Equium A100, L100, M70; Satellite A100, A110, A200, A210, L100, L300, L350, M40, M50, M60, M70, MCE A110-160, P200, U300, X200
Device Type Power adapter - external
Color Black
Compliant Standards RoHS
Power Device
Input Voltage AC 100-240 V
Frequency Required 50/60 Hz
Output Voltage 19 V
Power Capacity 75 Watt
Compatibility Information
Designed For Dynabook Toshiba Portégé M400 3G-12F, M800-105, M800-116, R400-106, R500-10J ¦ Dynabook Toshiba Satellite Pro A100-00K, A100-00Y, A100-01A, A100-03R, A100-296, A100-297, A100-434, A100-564, A100-622, A100-722, A100-848, A100-908, A100-988, L100, L100-106, L100-107, L100-123, L100-124, L100-125, L100-142, L100-160, L100-176, L300-22N, L300D-14U, L300D-20R, M40X, M40X-131, M40X-132, M40X-134, M40X-135, M40X-136, M40X-165, M40X-167, M40X-168, M40X-169, M40X-214, M40X-243, M40X-244, M40X-260, M40X-262, M70, M70-109, M70-110, M70-113, M70-125, M70-126, M70-132, M70-134, M70-137, M70-151, M70-154, M70-178, M70-198, M70-199, M70-220, M70-235, M70-237, M70-275, M70-299, M70-307, M70-317, M70-325, M70-326, M70-327, M70-331, M70-332, M70-333, M70-349, M70-GM30XE, M70-GM30XF, M70-GM50XE, M70-GM50XF, P200-15W, P300-1ES, P300-1F1, P300-20X, P300-258, P300-26Z, P300D-201, S300-10F, S300-10G, S300-10H, S300-11R, S300-12G, S300-12H, S300-12J, S300-12L, S300-131, U300-10U, U300-10W, U300-11R, U300-13F, U300-13O, U300-13P, U300-13R, U300-13Y, U300-142, U300-143, U300-148, U300-14D, U300-14R, U300-14S, U300-15C, U300-RW7, U400-13D, U400-13O ¦ Dynabook Toshiba Tecra A8-118, A9-50N, A9-50Q, M5-12Z, M9-12T, M9-135, S5-10D, S5-10W ¦ Toshiba Equium L100-186 ¦ Toshiba Satellite A100-042, A100-049, A100-067, A100-411, A100-412, A100-442, A100-451, A100-586, A100-619, A100-730, A100-733, A100-886, A200-128, A200-1AO, A200-1BQ, A200-1EK, A200-1GB, A200-1JS, A200-1KB, A210-10C, L300-20A, L300D-12U, L350D-206, M70-151, P200-10S, P200-13N, U300-112, U300-113, U300-114, U300-115, U300-11V, U300-12D, U300-12G, U300-12S, U300-130, U300-134, U300-137, U300-13H, U300-13I, U300-13K, U300-13L, U300-13M, U300-13N, U300-13U, U300-13V, U300-13Z, U300-141, U300-144, U300-14B, U300-14K, U300-14O, U300-14P, U300-14Q, U300-14U, U300-159, U300-15A, U300-15C, U300-15P, U300-15Q, U300-15S, U300-15W, U300-AY1, U300-AY3, U300-ST3094, U300-TP2, U300-TP7, X200-1AA

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